A bunch really old friends!

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For information about the Cherokee Lodge and all of the fun we’ll have, click on OUR CHEROKEE LODGE STAY in the upper right hand corner of the main page, or just click on the link.

Here’s what’s going on in Coronado on the 4th.

Who is running the 36th Annual 5K with me?


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Meeting notes: 12.09.12



Dale: Still interested in the Flying Mangos. Dale also recommended another band called, something or other (Dale couldn’t remember that minute).

T-shirts and Tanks

Cost of shirts (to sell) will range from $12 to $15. We are still looking to use Bill Stanley; paying it forward to a classmate despite the ‘best deal in town!

Pre-All Class / PLAN A

Jeff contacted us during the meeting to report that we can have a solid possible venue for this event from 4:00 to 8:00 PM. We will have the back patio and can bring our own food and wine. Total cost as I understood it: $35.00 per hour and a $160 insurance waiver. (this is how I understood it)!


Raffle prizes/Opportunity drawing

Jon Laws doing great job on getting this done for us. To manage the drawings, the group decided to provide items display with ticket bucket so that entrants can choose their changes.

Token gift

M.A. is working on purchase of frames and Marla contributed the idea that she can get cut outs done on a machine that will create a Tiki to affix to the frame as a keepsake.

Photo Booth

Tammy is going to give us information on who her reunion group used. She wasn’t satisfied the company’s delivery of promises but the booth was highly effective.

Calling on old classmates

Many of us took a group of classmates from the listing to call upon.

Invitation is being developed

by whom? Lisa?

warningCorrection to the Minutes of the last meeting.

The group DOES want salt on the rims of the Bloody Mary glasses.


Cherokee Lodge Guest List

  • Marla & Kurt
  • Dale & Sandy
  • Sally & Steve
  • Gilda & Bill
  • M.A. & Linda Moffett
  • Tom Gordon
  • Barbara Gadzert & Hubby
  • John
  • Lisa??

In the near future, Click here to view the list, or, click now and contact for the password.

NOTE: If there is anything you’d like to see here, or revisions or … Please use the comment box to let me know!

Next meeting

February 2nd, at 4:00 PM


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Meeting Minutes of October 21

updated 12/09/2012 at 6:10 a.m.

Oktoberfest attendees…

Class of 73 attendees: John, Jon, Jeff, Dale, Lisa, Marla, Virgie, M.A and Sally.

Thank you John C for the great food at Oktoberfest!!!!


Are we having a band; if so we need to decide on one

The committee did not want to use the band (whose name escapes me) that some of us saw at the Coronado Boat House. They were very good, but not for this venue of ours. Dale knows some people we should consider; Joey and the Stingrays, Flying Mango’s, and someone his friend Scott knows. Dale will get back to us, hopefully with some music samples.


The committee has decided on The Surf & Turf dinner buffet and the Dessert Bar. Self-service all the way and that makes it easier!

T-shirts and tanks

Dale gave us information on a great price on both and we seemed to have agreed on the artwork for the screening. The Tiki on the front (top side) and a larger print of the Hotel Del on the back with the text 40th Reunion and classes noted. “73” will be in the largest text :wink:!  Cost: $6.50 for tanks and $8.50 for T-shirts.

Raffle prizes

Jon Laws is going to scour Coronado for some great raffle prizes.


Virgie and M.A. presented some pretty cool ideas so we feel that decorations are covered.

boothPhoto Booth

The group unanimously voted YES to the idea of having a photo booth. [I believe that Dale was going to look into this for us]

Deciding on:
Pre-All-Class event ‘particulars’

Do we want to open “our” party up to the other classes?

Next meeting

December 9th at 2:00, John C’s.

Meeting after that: Jon Laws has offered their home in February.

Notes on The Cherokee Lodge

On the off-chance there is any interest at all on the history of the Cherokee Rose, the namesake of the lodge, click here! (LOL)

Those booked at the lodge:  Marla & Kurt, Sally & Steve, Lisa

Hopeful newcomers to the list: M.A. & Scott, Jon & Tammy and John C.

Totally fun schedule during our stay at the Lodge:

July 3rd:

Arrive, and Pre All Class

July 4th

Parade. We will meet at designated space on 10th and Orange. Area will be staked out and maintained by some of our very early risers!

July 5:

Our Reunion!!

July 6:

marys2July 6, morning: Sleep in! John C is ‘sponsoring’ the Bloody Mary party —

Bloody Mary drinkers chose no salt on glass and celery.

July 6, afternoon: barbecue on the Patio, food to be determined

July 6, late afternoon: Who knows what condition anyone will be in.

July 7:

Go home!